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The Vanish range of ultra-thin face materials makes it possible to create various food label designs on rigid plastic and glass packaging while providing consumers with an excellent view of the product.
Vanish was designed to make you feel closer to your partner without compromising comfort or reliability.
Entries must be received by Vanish no later than 5pm, Monday, February 11th, 2013.
Vanish was released in July as a free, open-source tool that works with the Firefox browser.
The group said it had continued with an advertising and marketing blitz to support its 17 so-called "power brands", which include Vanish, Finish, Cillit Bang and Airwick.
So far, the researchers have demonstrated mathematically that objects in the cloaking region whose electrical and magnetic fields align perfectly parallel to the superlens would vanish.
The longer-term outlook is dim: A comprehensive international study released last year predicted that half of the Arctic's summer ice will vanish by the end of the century, leaving the bears with precious little habitat.
However, too often the buyer wasn't told that for many reasons, it was pure conjecture as to when (or if) premiums would vanish as promised.
Sixteen observers participated in the Appear condition, and sixteen observers participated in the Vanish condition.
If by vanish he means to disappear quickly and completely, then I must not be here.
The pair specialise in such controversial theories as the 'Rapture', the evangelical belief that faithful Christians will vanish 'in the twinkling of an eye' just before the Great Tribulation--the final seven years of history before Christ's return.