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On the pages of The Night The Penningtons Vanished, Writer Huesler once again proves her writing acumen.
But the most important similarities between Frodo's experience and an astronomer's observations on a dark December night are those of the "high window" on "a vanished world.
Ben, of Sheffield, was 21 months when he vanished on July 24, 1991, while with his mum and grandparents.
Troy and Deanna, from Seacroft, Leeds, flew to Turkey on April 28 for a five-night stay at the Jiva Beach Resort hotel and he vanished on Saturday.
The Vanished Ones moves deftly from a child's kidnapping to an investigator's own family issues, creating connections and insights that tie both together.
Hylton's superb Vanished carries the subtitle The Sixty-Year Search for the Missing Men of World War II.
Everett received a GBP2,000 prize for Vanished Years, his second memoir,which reveals some tragic and comic encounters involving both friends and rivals, as well as many stories from his childhood.
The Lost Villages: In Search of Britain's Vanished Communities.
The girl vanished yesterday while swimming with three friends outside the Northern Territory town of Darwin.
Vanished islands and hidden continents of the Pacific.