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The gap between top handicappers and genuine Group horses has been vanishingly small at sprint trips in Britain for several years and for evidence of this you need look no further than the highest rated pair of Regal Parade and Markab, who both began their Group 1-winning seasons with marks in the low 100s.
This woofer optimizes cone suspension and magnetic flux field to produce high levels of bass output with vanishingly low distortion.
NO ONE HAS ever opened fire in a Collin County, Texas, courtroom, and such incidents are vanishingly rare across the country.
If, however, the cryptogram is long, such uncertainty becomes vanishingly small.
where the vanishingly small damping constant is due to the large number (~ [10.
Nanotechnology involves manipulating material on a vanishingly small scale, dealing with atoms and molecules.
Few modern doctors consider the procedure medically necessary: The rate of penile cancer in the US is vanishingly small to begin with.
Our obligation as physicians is to make sure families understand that the benefits of anti-TNF agents are very great and the risk to the individual child of developing a malignancy is almost vanishingly small.
Consider that our human awareness which most people take as the pinnacle of consciousness may be but itself a vanishingly tiny fraction of the degree of consciousness possible" Smith writes.
But centers have vanishingly little control over most of the elements that go into that process--the easiest place to be more efficient is in having the correct number of people available for the number of calls that you have to handle.
The number of complaints which are substantiated is vanishingly small.
The CONTEMPULS Festival, held over three days (9th, 21st and 22nd of November) has given the public a chance to compare various different currents in contemporary music and to hear works by composers who are never, or vanishingly rarely, heard on Czech podiums.