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She pointed out that Vanitas 'refers to the transmutation that has life, soul, spirit, knowledge and how there is a change in a historical moment of exploration.
Gijsbrechts pulls the scene back and reveals the vanitas on a temporary canvas hung on a wooden wall, surrounded by the tools of his craft, including brushes and a palette featuring the colors he used in his construction of the painting.
She presents her viewers with three dimensional sculptural versions of vanitas still life.
Porque, como afirma el autor lanzando una interpretacion novedosa, <<la vanitas y el desengano, en la cultura barroca hispana, son una cuestion de la mirada>>.
This wasn't accidental: Modernist nods--rather than Swallow's usual vanitas references--ran through the entire show.
The word 'arrangements' alludes to the history of still life painting, specifically vanitas paintings from Northern Europe in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.
This cultural fascination with vanitas is beautifully stated by the exhibition's centerpiece, an early-seventeenth-century anatomical Eve that has been fully opened to reveal a gestating infant in her womb.
The Vanitas initiative in Station Road, Ashington, involved photographic images of local shops' goods being projected on to billboards near the town centre to catch people's attention and draw in their custom.
A LARGER version of former Coventry University art lecturer John Yeadon's exhibition Vanitas, The Mortality of the Eater and the Eaten is now on display at Coventry University's Lanchester Gallery.
The genre known as vanitas was popular during the 17th century and practiced by painters in Flanders and the Netherlands.
In viewing Demeter, one realizes that many of the images in Second Nature are contemporary vanitas compositions.
KAREN INGHAM, a senior lecturer in the photography department at Swansea Institute of Higher Education will be presenting a week-long live-streamed arts residency Vanitas from The Waag in Amsterdam this week