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Fluin, who runs the Champagne Club Syndicate which owns Bubbly Phoenix, said yesterday: "We took a busload of owners over to the Dunphys on Monday and returned armed with a vanload of nice dogs
The attack on the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Centre in Corvallis came two days after the arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, accused of trying to detonate a vanload of explosives at Portland's Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
A vanload of undergraduates on a weekend camping trip runs across the path of 40-ish lifelong best pals Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine).
A relationship based on a handshake at a trade meeting, a sample of cheese offered across a trade table by a third-generation dairy farmer, or a visit to your fields by a vanload of buyers on a Chef Farm Tour--now that's a strong business relationship.
The family and friends of Foreign Service officer Mark Evans donated a vanload of supplies and returned the next day with bags of donations.
Given that he's plucked, stuffed, roasted and grilled them by the vanload over the years, Jamie Oliver might seem an unusual candidate to step forward as the saviour of the humble chicken.
From that event, she hopes to bring a vanload of business immigrants to the North Bay-Mattawa area this fall for a familiarization tour of the region to visit businesses for sale.
Opening its own warehouse also would allow Couche-Tard to take advantage of special offers from wholesalers, such as lower prices on vanload shipments or purchasing large quantities to hedge against price increases.
The group began after Julie Groves and her husband, Wayne, met Emmanuel Eugene the previous March when they and their family drove a vanload of relief supplies to Florida for shipment to Haiti.
There's even a fear that Vladimir Putin might get his hands on a vanload of table-tennis balls and with his strength he could hit them hard and hold Europe to ransom.