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They write that the difference between the coup and the rule of the vanquisher is that of heavens and earth.
According to the Sumerian myth Lugal-e of the late 3rd millennium BC, the Vanquisher of the Seven-Headed Serpent was the war-god Ninurta.
Behold mee then, mee for him, life for life I offer, on mee let thine anger fall; Account rnee man; I for his sake will leave Thy bosom, and this glory next to thee Freely put off, and for him lastly die Well pleas'd, on me let Death wreck all his rage; Under his gloomy power I shall not long Lie vanquisht; thou hast giv'n to me to possess Life in myself for ever, by thee I live, Though now to Death I yield, and am his due All of me that can die, yet that debt paid, Thou wilt not leave me in the loathsome grave His prey, nor suffer my unspotted Soul For ever with corruption there to dwell; But I shall rise Victorious, and subdue My vanquisher, spoil'd of his vaunted spoil.
Technology has the potential not only to conquer the forces of nature, but also to become the vanquisher of the chaotic forces of the human being (49).
The event was held at Bramcote barracks, during the 30th Signals Open Day, and was an exciting battle between the Nuneaton Squadron and the Sea Cadets from TS Vanquisher.
Often we conceptualize God as pacifier of or vanquisher over all the struggles in our daily life rather than one who is the advancer of struggle.
A stanza later, after the intervention explaining why Israel's example applies, the marquesa again brings up Josiah as a king whose army was defeated by inferior forces (the biblical account gives little in the way of specific details, listing the Egyptian king, Neco, as Josiah's vanquisher, though acting in concert with Syria, the larger power) (2 Kings 23).
A year down the line, his vanquisher Petoski was to prove himself one of the top of his generation by winning the King George at Ascot.
oferswioend m 'vanquisher' oferswioestre f 'victrix' l.
Tran Hung Dao, the thirteenth-century vanquisher of Mongol invaders, is one of the most important figures in Vietnamese history.
Pinfold himself notes the irony of this, yet in naming the parish in which Pinfold returns to sacramental communion after the vanquisher of Satan, Waugh is once again cuing readers to consider a spiritual account for his travails and signaling the importance of the faith to Pinfold's own triumph over his demons, however internal or external we take them to be.
The vanquisher of the Ring-maker thus becomes the first victim of the Ring itself, even strenuously resisting the warnings and appeals of his advisors to return it to its place of origin--the only possible means of freeing the world from its accursed power.