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The characteristics of the originating symbolic worlds, the sociocentric contours of the cultures that collided and the context of vanquishment constitute the major features of the new symbolic world that took shape as Mexican popular Catholicism.
Francois-Rene, Chevalier de Chateaubriand, author of the romanticized novels Atala and Les Natchez, epitomizes French aristocrats exiled temporarily to America during the upheaval after 1789 who see the rapid vanquishment of American Indians "as a symbol of destruction of nobility in the European imagination" (43).
8) Christ's garments testify to, first, his own suffering - on Good Friday - in the first wine-press ('In the former, He was Himself trodden and pressed; He was the grapes and clusters Himself'(9)), and secondly to His vanquishment of His enemies - during the descent into Hell - in the second wine-press ('In this latter here, He that was trodden on before, gets up again, and doth here tread upon and tread down .
The main challenge in portraying the "extreame crueltie of Shylocke the Jew" (as heralded on the original title page) and his ultimate vanquishment by a society of Christians is to avoid offending the residents of the communities in which Merchant is presented.
19) Faulkner makes much of the noble blood of chieftains that Sam inherited from both parents but portrays him as "himself with his own battleground, the scene of his own vanquishment and the mausoleum of his defeat" (p.