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If you knew Lily Allen only from the British tabloids, it'd be easy to mistake her for just another vapid celebrity.
The title and subtitle of Joel Derfner's new book would lead one to believe that Swish is a frivolous and juvenile collection of writings chronicling, say, the stereotypical misadventures of a vapid gay life.
Dynamic duo: Singer-songwriter Imani Coppola, 30, and programmer Adam Pallin, 28, take aim at vapid socialites and celebrate stoop-sittin' on their cheery, horn- and string-infused Little Jackie debut album, The Stoop, what Coppola calls her "most blatant attempt to go mainstream.
What about the menagerie of vapid talentless talk-show hosts, half-witted self-obsessed soap-opera stars, yobbish celebrity chefs, pathetic so-called comedians, fraudulent astrologers, and assorted superannuated bores who should have been pensioned off years ago, who clog up the TV channels every day and night of the year ?
It is the same old mindless, vapid rubbish peddled by anti-hunting morons who don't bother themselves to go and find out what hunting is really about.
Flanked by co-workers as flamboyant, frosty, ill-tempered, conniving, or vapid as any reality show cast, Tucker is sucked in with them on increasingly surreal adventures, from being stranded on a deserted island to a murder plot, all of which cast eerie echoes on the fantasy lives he's try to put on television.
But even the vapid prose of such hacks as Elizabeth Wurtzel, Dave Eggers, Maya Angelou, Joyce Carol Oates, T.
The same vapid bureaucratic tautology that made Zacarias Moussaoui unimportant because he was not known to be important still holds sway.
Unlike most of the other boys in the vapid crowd of just-out teenagers I was running with, I knew a little gay history and I could add and subtract.
South Beach is just as predictable and vapid as the cover makes it look, riddled with spoiled kids who drink, smoke, and hook up indiscriminately with everyone of the opposite sex they meet.