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And his successors only cemented the perception that Tehran was unwilling or incapable of advancing diplomatic solutions to the impasse, especially former lead negotiator Saeed Jalili, who raised long-winded vapidity to an art form.
Representing more than just our collective fascination with vapidity, beer brawls and JWoww's heaving bosom, "Jersey Shore" signaled the beginning of what Ong calls "emergent" reality TV, smallscreen fare lacking a competition angle--"the reality competition model is one of the most calcified," she says--but one where the cast drives the dramatic (and often comedic) tension.
This particular contest became so niggly that two re-racks were required in the evening session, but O'Sullivan rose above the vapidity with his big century and the subsequent hefty break guaranteed he would start with a big cushion on the second day, looking set to match Steve Davis' haul of six world titles and close to just one behind Stephen Hendry's modern-era record.
When Fitzgerald illustrates the vapidity and ultimate nihilism of the American dream in The Great Gatsby he is really just calling a spade a spade.
The experience can be a disconcerting--if not maddening--one, depending on the recurring reality's overall vapidity.
Ecclesiastes is surely written out of reverence for our Creator and Redeemer, and these words of steely-eyed reality about the vapidity of our lives lay the foundation for a mighty word to come as the readings unfold.
The two novellas masterfully treat themes that will be familiar to Harrison's readers--the disjunction between contemporary life and rural terrain, our inability to escape the past, the vapidity of urbanity.
From Rosalyn Becker, Fort Myers, FL: Re: "Dissecting a Salesman's Vapidity," (Summer/Fall 2012 issue of The AD), I, too, periodically receive that same form letter from Christian Wiman, editor of Poetry.
So, just as Mansfield became disillusioned by the artistic elite, lampooning them in both of these stories, she likewise exposed the potential vapidity of the 'modern' woman who, for all her promise, tramples the rights of other women.
Indeed, the true conflict in the story is not between Feathertop and Polly, who for all of their vapidity might have made for a happy couple, but between their respective parents, Mother Rigby and the Master Gookin.
Sandel admits that he is baffled by the continuing prestige of market thinking in the wake of the financial crisis, and he is discouraged by the rancor and vapidity of the media.
Having thus demonstrated their dazzling vapidity and showing once again that conceit is nature's way of compensating for inferiority, the droll editors could not then resist taking a supercilious slap at those unwilling to imbibe this magic potion.