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Beneath an angry vermillion-colored banner, the blog offers recurring features like the "Celebutard of the Week"--tracking the latest vapidly liberal political utterances from the likes of Cher--and clips of the best conservative moments in film interspersed with rote breaking news from the entertainment industry.
She continued to smile so vapidly that I abandoned any hope of being recruited.
What is more, these groupings were pressed to label themselves publicly not as opposition parties, but more vapidly as "electoral participant organizations" (organisasi peserta pemilu, OPPs).
Predominantly concentrated in the South and Northeast where humidity levels are high, the product, which also can be used as a cooling device, is spreading vapidly.
No matter, they'll surely send the required $5 checks, which will help establish an equally absurd poetry museum in San Francisco, sponsored and supported by, amongst others, politician Mayor Willie Brown, tenured academics indifferent to academic corruption Robert Pinsky and Robert Creeley, curtseying poets before politicians Robert Haas and Rita Dove, millionaire Beatnik myth-pusher Lawrence Ferlinguetti, poet-editor of one of the most vapidly unoriginal poetry anthologies X.
Josie and her band certainly suggest that girl power can be much sparkier and entertaining than the version served up by the vapidly boring Spice Girls.
Some vapidly garrulous music by Martin Ellerby (Linda Merrick the scintillating soloist in his Clarinet Concerto) also figured, along with a generous cross-section of Arnold's output, including film-music, 'occasional' music, the English and Scottish Dances, and, above all, excerpts from the decidedly under-rated ballet Homage to the Queen.
He suggests that despite its pertinence to many novels of the period, Schor's seemingly gender-based distinction does not really aid the reader in understanding how Hugo "suggests a balance of these two extremes, socialism and mercantilism [nor how he] characteristically deconstructs naively categorical views that risk blocking compromise and solution" (148-49) Hugo thus combines realism and idealism, meaning that "he is not vapidly optimistic; his concept of Providence always preserves a dimension of human responsibility that can alter an outcome" (146).
You felt these were real people, not just vapidly pretty fuck-bunnies.
Exiled to the garden, he's bent over growing hemorrhoids while he paws the cat and smiles vapidly in the direction of our kitchen, which is far too yellow.