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Greenlane also owns and operates two of the most visited North American direct-to-consumer e-commerce websites in the vaporization products and consumption accessories industry, and, which offer convenient, flexible shopping solutions directly to consumers.
To the best of our knowledge, there are no large studies showing the efficacy and morbidity for 250 Watt diode laser for endoscopic prostate vaporization or vaporesection.
where: Pvs = Saturation vapor pressure of free water at a specific equilibrium temperature ([degrees]C); Pv = vapor pressure of free water at a specific equilibrium temperature ([degrees]C); L = latent heat of vaporization of the product water (kJ [kg.sup.-1]); L' = latent heat of vaporization of free water at the equilibrium temperature (kJ [kg.sup.-1]); and C = constant of integration.
Methods: Fifty-five patients meeting standardized symptom criteria for BPH were randomized to either Olympus Plasma Button[TM] or Biolitec EVOLVE[R] diode laser vaporization. Primary outcome of cost with secondary outcomes of clinical efficacy, resection time, surgical team satisfaction, and safety were analyzed.
However, the aromatics have higher boiling points than other components, which may lead to differences in spatial distribution of aromatics and other components, thus making it difficult to represent early vaporization and mixing [11].
Because of higher cooling effects, due to higher vaporization enthalpies, a differing mixture formation and a lower carbon to hydrogen ratio of alcohol fuels, engine out emissions are changing.
An evaluation of the Volcano[R] Medic vaporization device for cannabis administration demonstrated THC delivery comparable to that from smoking (15).
Yaws presents students, academics, and professionals working in the field with the second edition of his comprehensive handbook on the critical properties, thermal expansion, surface tension, radius of gyration, enthalpy of fusion, enthalpy of vaporization, dipole moment, density, isothermal compressibility, acentric factor, and other thermophysical properties of more than 10,000 hydrocarbons and other chemicals.
Advanced models of pyrolysis utilize the coal tar vaporization process as one of the key phenomena because the ability of tar to evaporate determines several key features of the pyrolytic process (tar yields, char yields, gas yields, tar molecular weight distribution) [7, 9].
Used in conjunction with the company's MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers, the system uses vaporization to deposit matrix to tissue slices using what is called the "dry coat" method.