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The smaller liquid spray angle of n-heptane is expected to be due to faster vaporization of n-heptane than E10 Gasoline and the multi-component E10 surrogate, primarily attributed to the lower latent heat of vaporization of n-heptane.
Under both ambient temperature and pressure conditions, vaporization of n-heptane is faster than E10 Gasoline, while vaporization of multi-component E10 surrogate is similar to E10 Gasoline.
Under the 680 K ambient condition, faster vaporization of n-heptane alters the liquid phase spray shape compared to E10 Gasoline and the multi-component E10 surrogate, which is most obvious after the end of injection at 1.0 msASOI.
Their influences on the fuel mixture density and the latent heat of vaporization are quantified by calculating volume fraction weighted density and mass fraction weighted latent heat of vaporization with and without the tracers.
Results on property (density and latent heat of vaporization) comparisons are shown in Table 7.
The larger mixture latent heat of vaporization contributes to the larger penetrations since the penetrations after 2 ms are after the EOI.
Impact of boiling point on vaporization of PCP and creosote components
The heat of vaporization (Hvap) for each compound was calculated from the respective slopes.
The calculated heat of vaporization for naphthalene was lower than the literature value.
Vaporization of organic wood preservatives from treated wood may account for a significant route of depletion for compounds with adequate vapor pressure at ambient temperature.
The heat of vaporization of each individual compound is approximately related to the boiling point by an empirical value called Trouton's constant.