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4% of the total sample reported using e-cigarettes or vaporizers to vaporize cannabis, either in the form of hash oil, THC-infused wax, or dried leaves.
Once the tab is pulled, the pressure released vaporizes a small amount of water in the vinyl bag.
Our new, patented Fiber is exciting because it's designed to vaporize soft tissue faster and last longer than other fibers on the market today," commented Glenn D.
Large, linear fractures at the pole, some of them dubbed tiger stripes, suggest that ice may continually vaporize from these cracks and replenish the cloud.
The 452 Series of heated regulators vaporize and maintain gaseous samples in the vapor phase.
The energy source preheats the cigarette to the specific temperature necessary to vaporize the nicotine in the filter element.
Suited for applications requiring positive controlled heat input, the 452 Series regulators are used in sampling systems to vaporize a sample and maintain it in the vapor phase for analysis.
Typically used for optical coating, electronic, and high-rate deposition processes, electron beam evaporation systems use high-voltage (typically 10,000V/500mA) and high-current (typically 50A/12V) to vaporize metals.
Trimedyne's new VaporMAX(TM) Side-Firing Laser Fibers vaporize an average of 3 grams of soft tissue per minute over 60 minutes of use, which is faster than other currently marketed laser devices, based on laboratory testing of animal tissue and published data.
Heat required to raise W lb of water/minute from 70F to 212F) + (heat required to vaporize W lb of water/minute) = (heat required to cool one ton of sand/minute from 302F (150C) to 212F (100C)
Narayan and Tiwari use a laser to vaporize two targets in a vacuum chamber.
In laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery, a doctor peels back the outer layer of the cornea, the clear shield that covers the eye, and then uses laser pulses to vaporize portions of the inner cornea, or stroma, to reshape it before replacing the corneal flap.