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Then, the process quickly sparks an electron avalanche vaporizing everything within the laser spot.
The KEV series electrically heated vaporizing pressure
Under the terms of the deal, the new entity will sell and distribute specialised marijuana vaporizing products through existing medical marijuana dispensary networks.
Foraminoplasty involves the use of Holmium laser energy through an endoscope to create an opening through the foramen into the epidural space (through which the nerves of the spinal column extend), by vaporizing a small amount of non-load bearing bone in the spine.
create such metallofullerenes by drilling a hole in a graphite rod, stuffing the hole with a mixture of graphite and metal powders, then vaporizing the rod with an electric arc.
The TCS Flash Vaporizing system precisely meters liquid TCS and effectively vaporizes the TCS in the proprietary vaporizer unit.