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However, while brain variability seems to detrimentally affect accuracy, we believe that it may be important for learning new skills and for adjusting behavior to new situations.
However, both response patterns are highly stereotypical, which is not what one might intuit from a high U-value and thus represent a limit on its utility as an index of variability.
variability and change in the tropical and extratropical circulation;
To elucidate these different roles of movement variability as skill level changes, in this study we investigated performance in a multi-articular gymnastic skill as a task vehicle: the 'basic' longswing on the high bar (Irwin and Kerwin, 2005).
Keywords: Autonomic nervous system, Heart rate variability, Heart failure.
Conclusion: Despite standardised guidelines for reporting density and assessment categories, observer variability continues to exist.
Detailed process instructions on job cards and pictorial instruction guides help communicate process steps and requirements and minimize variability during inspection.
The simplest way to capture the variability of data is to provide the range, ie, the highest and lowest value in our data together with the mean or median.
First step in precision agriculture is characterization of variability and this is the most important step because other steps can be implemented successfully if variability is correctly known.
Also note that since there are only two ingredients in this example, their proportioning variabilities in the formulated stream are necessarily equal and opposite, as shown in Figure 1B, which shows each ingredient's proportioning variability in the resulting AB discharge stream expressed as a [+ or -]% of each ingredient's targeted proportion of 50%.
In the present study, the biological variability of the performance parameter of submaximal physical work capacity (PWC) as well as V[O.
Keywords: Anticipated inflation Unanticipated inflation Relative price variability Macroeconomic framework