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Based on the presentation, "Reducing and Managing Variability at Eagle Precision Cast Parts," by A.
As shown in Figures 2A and 2B, two effects manifest themselves: The first has to do with the effect that A's discharge-rate variability has on B's proportioning variability, and the second relates to the effect that B's discharge-rate variability has on A's proportioning variability.
The Doiron group plans to apply the general principle of linking brain circuitry to neural variability in a variety of sensory, motor, and memory/decision-making frameworks.
Hence, the magnitude of variability must be attuned to remain within a functional bandwidth of variability (Birklbauer et al.
Although greater within-visit and 24-hour blood pressure variability were statistically associated with increased rates of stroke and coronary events, those were much less robust predictors than was visit-to-visit blood pressure variability, Dr.
The definition of "natural" variability shows itself that this is a normal part of a process and thus it cannot be eliminated at all.
In order to show crops vulnerability and responses to rainfall variability, z-distribution chart was adopted.
Morgan and Lee (1996), working with human participants, examined extinction-induced variability in interresponse times (IRTs) following differential-reinforcement-of-low-rate-responding (DRL) schedules.
Such baseline variability is characteristic of all operants.
A common mistake is to consider smooth, round, blunted oscillations to be moderate variability if they have enough height in the pattern.
Fairbanks made the assumption in a study of blood-volume methods that the analytical variability of repeated analyses for hematocrit of the same sample of blood (analytical variability) would have a CV of [+ or -]1%, and day-to-day variability for the same person drawn under identical conditions (biological variability) would be [+ or -]1.
Workshop on AGN Variability From X-Rays to Radio Waves (2004: Crimea, Ukraine) Ed.