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Shift towards Variable Shunt Compensation Equipment II-29
Variable life insurance is suitable for younger, risk-tolerant investors because it includes a more volatile mix of mutual funds, bonds, and stock investments and does not offer a guaranteed return.
INDEPENDENT VARIABLE: Factor that you change on purpose; also called manipulated variable.
In conclusion, in all analyses boys with shorter AGI had less complete testicular descent, and significantly so for the two analyses in which AGI was treated as a continuous variable.
Many variable annuity contracts offer performance and income guarantees that cannot be provided by mutual fired portfolios.
For a medical practice, the accounts receivables would constitute the largest component of variable assets.
Multi-variable means manipulating (in this case) three variables and controlling four variables within limits.
Basically, missing data is problematic if the independent variable X is related to the dependent variable Y, but the missing data X does not allow for the testing of the association or relationship.
Standardized regression coefficients for numbers of academic hours of inclusion and each continuous independent variable (i.
Intrinsic interest in the field was the most frequently chosen variable influencing career choice goals among Caucasians (31%).
Satisfiability problems (see box) that involve expressions with only two variables in each clause (termed 2-SAT) can be solved in what is called polynomial time.