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Simply said-the domestic and international public should reveal the answer to some questions: whether we are to continue building capitalism with all of its flaws or follow a certain option of a Putin-like "market economy", whether we are to continue moving towards the West and its integration or turn towards the East; do we want Asian, South-American or Russian personality cult or parliamentary democracy with guaranteed variableness of the leaders, are we ancient, Slav, some mix of both or perhaps a heavenly nations ...
This variable region, we now realize, is the part of the antibody that binds antigen, and the source of this variableness is what Lennox and Cohn were speculating about in their review.
The study of the relationship between the average LGD value and the standard deviation reported in the time horizon highlight how the virtuous scenarios, with respect to the lenders, account for only a small proportion of all intermediaries considered (14.95%) and inside this quadrant the variableness of the phenomenon is much higher than the other scenarios.