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hole intersected a sequence of variably quartz-clay-sericite-pyrite altered
8) may be part of a bounding craton, although the continental fragments were variably reworked by Neoarchean (2.
Since maternity in the early modern period--and female gynecology in general--was overtaken by the patriarchal medical institutions of modernity, an essay accounting for the shift might have added further to the volume; nevertheless, Maternal Measures is a fine and exhaustive treatment of its subject, opening up new and rich perspectives onto a time when early modern mothers and caregivers, in Naomi Miller's words, "found the knowledge and power to connect with one another, and variably resist or even reform some of the practices and expectations that determined their standing in society" (19).
Confiscation orders are in variably large sums imposed in the Crown Court where it is believed defendants havegained financial benefits from crimes,for example fraud and drug smuggling.
Macdonald's overall response to Verdi was essentially abstract and episodic, underlined by repeated costume changes, courtesy of designer Astrid Janson, and Harry Frehner's variably moody lighting plot.
Success is defined variably in the life cycle of an organization.
But, in any real estate decision to invest, buy or sell--from million-SF trophy office building to private residence--one critical question in variably looms: What is it worth?
The system is more versatile than conventional freezers, since it can carry variably sized product.
Their recorded legacy has been variably easy and difficult to obtain.
Clare Midgley's edited collection provides a welcome and enriching extension to such work, the main value of which is twofold in its attention to both coloniser and colonised as variably gendered, and to the intersections of gender with class and 'race', in and across the various sites of imperial encounters and interactions.
MODERATELY suspenseful sinking ship drama, variably acted.
The "crowd"--a heterogeneous, multi-class, variably dressed, mixed-race group of urban dwellers with a stake in the land and profits of the center city--is always what is first removed and confined to Bantustan-like territories in order to facilitate this "mall-ing" of public space in America.