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The variance analysis of data from equation (9) showed its significance (p>0.05).
In the variance analysis (Table 1), a significant difference was verified among genotypes, among common checks and among genotypes versus common checks (test F at 5%), for all analyzed characteristics.
Likewise, a multivariate variance analysis was performed where the role of dependent variables corresponded to all four TECA scales, in addition to the total score; and age ranges (16-18 years and 19-30 years) acted as the independent variable (see Table 3).
Variance analysis results show that there was no significant relation between different altitudes and addition mulch types on roots dry weight.
After 10 stretching sessions with PNF, the one-way ANOVA variance analysis showed statistically significant increase of the KAE variable in all stretching with PNF groups (p < 0.05); however, there was no variation between the pre and post-test measurements of the control group.
An Active Learning Approach to Teaching Variance Analysis to Accounting Students, e-Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching, 8(2), 69-75.
The Model for Variance Analysis. In the alternative form, the measurement error is reflected by [[??].sub.0(ijk)] and [[??].sub.1(ijk)].
13.2 Basis of variance analysis results in all three studied fields (clients, organization and competitors) in both insurance companies if Iran and Asia
Variance analysis of the bocavirus detection frequency was conducted by using the Kruskal-Wallis test ([alpha] = 0.05) using Statdisk 12.0.1 software (Marc Triola and Pearson Education, Inc., New York, NY, USA).
Having established a stronghold, we went on to consolidate it, making long-term plans for monitoring the business's progress more closely and realigning it when needed; tightening internal controls; and implementing variance analysis, management by exception, credit analysis, risk mitigation and continuous work-study improvements.
Burts Potato Chips is able to readily carry out variance analysis, from purchase price to production costs, as well as retrospective stock valuation and comprehensive sales and product analysis--all of which was previously very cumbersome.
Cost variance analysis begins with the accounting processes of determining theoretical costs, setting cost standards, collecting actual costs, and ending with evaluating performance.