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The sun rose in the undoubted east and set in the undoubted west, corrected and proved, of course, by declination, deviation, and variation; and the nightly march of the stars and constellations proceeded across the sky.
In the next chapter I shall discuss the complex and little known laws of variation and of correlation of growth.
Naturalists continually refer to external conditions, such as climate, food, &c., as the only possible cause of variation. In one very limited sense, as we shall hereafter see, this may be true; but it is preposterous to attribute to mere external conditions, the structure, for instance, of the woodpecker, with its feet, tail, beak, and tongue, so admirably adapted to catch insects under the bark of trees.
ENPNewswire-July 26, 2019--University of Zurich: Hidden genetic variations power evolutionary leaps
The complexities of the anatomy of nose & paranasal sinuses as well as its anatomical variations may create technical difficulties during surgery.
EMA is encouraging marketing authorisation holders (MAHs) intending to submit Brexit-related Type IA and Type IB variations in March 2019 to file these variations as early as possible during the month.
* document healthcare variations, both between- and within-country variations
IWe were held spellbound in a kind of emotional stasis as Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt took us up the musical Everest that is Bach's Goldberg Variations, reaching the summit with a feeling of immense satisfaction.
Extreme variations were noted in the smallest and largest population-to-seat ratios of provincial assembly constituencies in all provinces.The report recommended to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to give due consideration to its concerns on the deviation from the delimitation principle to ensure that all citizens exercised the right to equal representation in all parts of the country.
But pressure feedback does not work for rapid changes in pressure, which will result in rapid variations in screw speed and motor current, as shown here.
Of this piece, the composer says, "These five variations are on an original tune of two contrasting parts.
To the Editor.--We read with interest "Biological Variations of Hematologic Parameters Determined by UniCel DxH 800 Hematology Analyzer." (1) Most of the estimates of biologic variation of the common analytes reported by Zhang et al (1) were close to previously reported literature values.