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The submission of a varied SAU is the final stage in the ACCC s assessment of NBN Co s undertaking.
Findings with regard to education varied among racial and ethnic groups: For white women, the risk of low birth weight rose steadily as educational attainment declined (odds ratio, 1.
Paul Pies examines how cultural and political differences in the neighboring states of Sweden and Denmark shaped their varied histories of newspaper production.
Drifting and ricocheting across the surfaces was an array of numbers that varied in size and color, counting backward and forward and bouncing from edge to edge.
1] The general result of all the elaboration at lngolstadt is to make the buildings appear more varied and sophisticated than they really are: in fact they make cheap social housing look almost luxurious.
Liver damage varied from animal to animal, despite the rats' genetic similarities.
Logistic regression analysis also demonstrated that factors associated with refusal to participate in STD screening at an emergency visit varied by setting.
accumulator head, which can produce parts with either varied or uniform wall thickness from the same tool.
Since the successful realisation of his first youth club more than a decade ago in Stuttgart-Wangen (AJ 23/1/85, pp42-47), Peter Hubner has built others around Stuttgart, always with a considerable degree of participation, and very varied in image (ARs June '85, March '92, August '94).
461(f)(2) requirement (dealing with the transfer of money or other property to provide for the satisfaction of an asserted liability), the court agreed with Varied that the escrow agreement did not need to be signed by the claimant to qualify under Sec.
They varied from a minimum of 3 steps to a maximum of 26 steps and from a maximum of 8% (for amounts below $100,000) to a minimum of 0.