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The price of a can of beans ranged from Dh8.80 to Dh11.80, and that of a can of chickpeas varied from Dh 2.25 to Dh 3 per can.
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The court concluded that, given this ambiguity, the congressional intent was to tax all long-distance phone service, regardless of whether it varied based on distance or time or both, and this intent would be thwarted under ABIG's contention.
There is no single test for AD/HD, as the disorder is a catchall for many varied symptoms.
The essays are as varied as the plays, and cover, as do the short stories and the poems, virtually all of Dunbar's career, from pieces written when he was still in high school to those produced near the end of his life.
Paul Arblaster then shows how in the Spanish Netherlands, censorship of a vigorous news production varied depending on whether it was in the hands of the Spanish or local authorities.
* eave detail--add knee braces, a "Norman hip," a decorative attic vent, and varied trim boards on the rake;
These mathematical formulations were somewhat predictive, but varied widely based on core size and shape as well as the type of binder system.
While the Japanese artist is best known for orchestrating digital LED counters into richly varied arrangements strewn across the floor, installed in geo metric patterns on walls, even placed on little robotic cars-the works in his recent installation "Totality of Life" span a wider range of media and incorporate a certain humanist dimension that his earlier installations lacked.
Furthermore, pesticide concentrations for individuals varied from one sampling time to another.
Students perceived that the multicultural portion of the curriculum could be enhanced by requiring a separate multicultural health education issues course, incorporating cultural sensitivity and competence into every health education course, and requiring varied multicultural field experiences.