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Worldwide as well as in India, taxi services market is variedly unorganized.
Over-extraction to achieve more color, tannin and flavor can lead to wines variedly unrecognizable to more traditionally made counterparts.
Oil reserves in Yemen have been variedly estimated at between 650m and 3bn barrels.
She said that while the Executive finds it a walks on a tight rope, its also not a smooth sailing for the Presiding Officers of such variedly divided Chambers.
Washington, June 19 (ANI): They may be the best heat quenchers on a sultry afternoon, but the variedly flavoured ice creams and yoghurts may not fair well on the nutritional and rehydration scale.
Its debts now are being variedly put at $106-120bn.
Although different literature available on risk define it variedly but in common the word risk refers to situations in which a decision is made whose consequences depend on the outcomes of future events having known probabilities (Lopes,1987).