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Such was the variegated band of adventurers about to embark in the Tonquin on this ardous and doubtful enterprise.
I have already spoken of the great palaces dotted about among the variegated greenery, some in ruins and some still occupied.
This part of the Rhine, indeed, presents a singularly variegated landscape.
The play and slight agitation of the water, in its upward gush, wrought magically with these variegated pebbles, and made a continually shifting apparition of quaint figures, vanishing too suddenly to be definable.
It was a semi-circular space, shaped like the half of a bee-hive; and against the rocky wall that formed the inner side of it was a pile of variegated fruits, cocoa-nuts among others.
My personal favourites are variegated hostas, which look as though their leaves have been painted.
The first to watch out for is Phygelius Sunshine, the first variegated foliage Phygelius.
Brightening gloomy areas with year-round color, variegated foliage plants are a sorcerer's solution for shady garden beds.
SPOTTED LAUREL (AUCUBA JAPONICA 'VARIEGATA') This dense, bushy evergreen shrub has eye-catching variegated leathery leaves allyear-round.
THEY make a great centrepiece in winter containers or en masse in windowboxes, alongside trailing variegated ivy, euonymus and a variety of heather.
I chose variegated ivies, a variegated fern, a variegated Fittonia, a maidenhair fern and, to give the centre a bit of height, a parlour palm (Chamaedora elegans).
For bright, white borders start with green foliage plants and punctuate with white flowers such as Cosmos bipinnatus and silver and white variegated shrubs such as Vinca minor Illumination, Cornus alba Elegantissima and Euonymus fortunei Silver Pillar.