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Colchicine also induced variegation and variation in flowers of Rosa gruss an teplitz.
erectifolius, i.e., leaves had distributed variegation at the edges and a low intensity of anthocyanins, which is similar to the parental A.
Despite the fact that most evidence of artifactual specificity is erased from or obscured among the constituent elements of the two sculptures, unexpected moments of variegation do poignantly interrupt the dirty uniformity--a small field of green lurking within the embrace of the filthy mass of #66, for example, or a clot of red visible within the soiled body of #67.
Crafted from high-quality tumbled marble in tawny and cream hues with varying levels of variegation, the 12” x 12” features an embedded star-shaped pattern in the center.
The variegation of the millennium that is the Middle Ages makes any survey of an enduring topic a daunting task.
Its five movements add up to nearly three quarters of an hour of merciless emotional variegation, seesawing between sober melancholy and drunken gregariousness, omniscient anxiety and blind triumph, abject depression and ethereal joy.
Hell, at this point in our evolving recognition of the importance of variegation I would not be surprised if diversity programs had diversity programs.
Only in cultivation does variegation get selected from offsets, improved on, and circulated.
The concept of variegation refers to the ability to change the appearance of something by looking through a different perspective (i.e.
Based on the information available we propose that in our case the chromosomal rearrangement could have separated the promoter from a distant regulatory element, or might have juxtaposed a gene with a regulatory element from another gene, or brought a gene and its regulatory element close to another gene generating competition for the regulatory element between the two genes, and finally, the rearrangement could have given rise to a position effect variegation (PEV) (14,15).
This variegation is caused by a virus, which doesn't seem to harm the plant very much except that it is less vigorous than the species.