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Locus control region function and heterochromatin-induced position effect variegation.
Speaking of variegation, Esten has an eye-catching Su- matran banana (Musa acuminata `Sumatrana') with ma- roon-striped foliage.
1950 Interrelations of factors affecting heterochromatin-induced variegation in Drosophila [Abstract].
Color change, as well as variegation, often heralds melanoma, thus bolstering the need for adding an E to the ABCD mnemonic for melanoma detection, Robert J.
Yet more often than not the scholarly work on suburban variegation has focused on the changes of the last twenty years rather than those occurring in the eighty years before.
Look for herb varieties with white or cream-colored leaf variegation like Alba white fruited eggplant, Casper or Boo white pumpkins, silver thyme, silver artemesia, lamb's ears and silver sage.
Her portfolio boasts photographs with bright colors, wild shapes, and minute parts of nature--like the red variegation on a butter-yellow tulip--that fully sighted people might miss.
It was in these four proto-mysteries, first published in 1974 through 1978, that Charyn hammered out, on the anvil of a seemingly commercial fiction, both a vision of America and a style that struggles to convey that vision in all its sensory variegation, all its physical and emotional bludgeoning, all its unforgiving duplicities.
Its leaves are pure white with a dark green margin, the reverse variegation of Patriot.
And Red Rubin seems truer to its opal hue, with less red/ green leaf variegation.
Pruned annually in late winter, however, and it's transformed into a densely foliaged mound of bright creamy-white in spring, with the variegation remaining bright all summer.
0 cm) dark-brown lesions with the 2 cardinal signs of atypicality: irregular borders and variegation of color.