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Ornamental kale and cabbage plants can range in color from white to pink to rose to purple in the variegations of a gray-green base color of the foliage.
The flooring uses glass and colorful epoxy resins to produce variegations and qualifies for Green Building/LEEDS program.
Tossing sentiment and trashy distractions aside, Lifshitz and Bouquet deal with the complexities of gay teen l'amour as they are, while pic reflects the variegations of memory with cinematic verve.
As the trio of researchers report in January's Astronomical Journal, these variegations may indicate that bluish frosts are mixed with dark material in varying amounts or that the equatorial belt has received different amounts of heat and radiation to drive the organic reactions in the icy surface.
But government knows little of such variegations," he said, "and I very much fear that if we begin to become formal about quotas for this or that group, we will very quickly come to realize that these are instantly translated into quotas against.
The variegations occur on normally green-leafed plants and to keep the variegations going they have to be propagated from cuttings or grafting.
In addition, many flax cultivars have yellow or rainbow-striped variegations.
As Wiseman argues, the drama of the period both exhibited generic diversity and displayed ideological variegations, as plays were written in rapid response to events.
This is not an easy plant to site in the garden but, with careful choice of a dark foliaged background, the white variegations stand out stunningly in the sunlight.
All these variegations of Sancho's personality conclude him a man deeply engaging and passionately engaged with the actors and actions of his time.