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Of all varieties of man, the minor poet realized her conception of the human ass most completely, and Erskine, though a very nice fellow indeed, thoroughly good and gentlemanly, in her opinion, was yet a minor poet, and therefore a pronounced ass.
He listened and learned what even he had not known before, that a solid metallic body could take up from the air all the countless varieties of vibrations produced by speech, and that these vibrations could be carried along a wire and reproduced exactly by a second metallic body.
How can it be otherwise, when all one's prospect, all one's landscapes, historical pieces, portraits, flowers, still life, are nothing but a single line, with no varieties except degrees of brightness and obscurity?
They are fearless and without religion, save superstition, and they talk only their own varieties of the Romany tongue.
Either we do know all the varieties of beings which people our planet, or we do not.
In heroic poetry, indeed, all these varieties are serviceable.
Sun Tzu said: The art of war recognizes nine varieties of ground:
And they mused upon it, with a hundred varieties of expression.
Of those three varieties of fore-and-aft rig, the cutter - the racing rig PAR EXCELLENCE - is of an appearance the most imposing, from the fact that practically all her canvas is in one piece.
Wiry Ben never smiled: he looked as serious as a dancing monkey--as serious as if he had been an experimental philosopher ascertaining in his own person the amount of shaking and the varieties of angularity that could be given to the human limbs.
She had but two varieties of expression; the prevalent one a forbidding, dissatisfied scowl, varied sometimes by a most pernicious and perfidious smile.
Poor Fanny's mind was thrown into the most distressing of all its varieties.