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The amendment of the regulation results from the need to update in 2018 a list of varieties prohibited for use in Poland by complying with the list of MON 810 maize varieties included in the 36th complete edition of the Common Catalog.
Agriculture Principal Secretary Richard Lesiyampe yesterday said they want to replace old varieties with high yielding alternatives which are tolerant to both diseases and drought.
Agriculture spokesman Naveed Asmat Kahlon said in a statement on Tuesday that AARI is serving as engine for agriculture development and has so far developed 83 wheat varieties, 62 cotton varieties, 27 paddy varieties, 25 sugarcane, 29 varieties of maize and millet, 31 varieties of pulses, 32 oil seed varieties, 27 fodder varieties, 65 vegetables varieties, 105 fruit varieties and three flower varieties.
The first one is Natural Ultra Mix, with 8 different varieties for dogs of all life stages; Six of the foods are grain-free.
The varieties developed by National Sugar and Tropical Horticulture Research Institute (NSTHRI) Thatta include Thatta-2109 and Thatta-326.
The reports show that the trend of area and production of different paddy varieties in Punjab is not satisfactory because of increasing share of unapproved varieties.
The newly introduced varieties are expected to alleviate such problems which Wonderful has posed due to its high need for water and demanding soil requirements.
The Sugarcane Research Institute, Faisalabad, has evolved 22 sugarcane varieties possessing different qualitative and quantitative traits since her inception in Pakistan.
What role do new and popular varieties play in the apple category's growth?
First, the landscape is diverse and interesting, as are the vineyards and the many native varieties growing there.
Malihabad, May 30(ANI): Popular varieties of mangoes available in Uttar Pradesh's Malihabad may soon become a thing of the past, as a growing number of orchard owners are drawn to profitable varieties of mangoes.