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Amid a sea change in the business landscape for all print publications, Variety in recent years has expanded beyond its core print biz to include data services and a fast-growing conference series.
Variety was founded as weekly in New York City in 1905 and a daily edition was started in Hollywood in 1933.
Generally, the mean of root length decrease in various lead concentrations for two varieties showed that the RGS003 variety with 24 percent has higher tolerance than Hayola (30 percent) variety in proportion to the control.
It is time to break old habits of looking to the previous year's calendar when planning the current apple season strategy, as there are shifts in variety availability.
"Oilseed crushers will ask that the variety or mix of varieties is declared on grain passports and that seed was saved only once.
The Northern Territory News reported that mango growers in Australia want to name a new variety of the juicy fruit after the pop princess.
This study is therefore; design to find out if the size of farm, educational status and income level can play any significant role in the farmer's decision to adopt the downy mildew resistant variety of maize in Kogi State.
The germplasm for the yet-to-be named variety has been obtained from Coffee Rusts Research Center in Lisbon, Portugal's capital.
Each wheat variety has susceptibilities that can cause fluctuations in yield.
The Variety Entertainment News Service provides editors with access to a wide range of breaking-news stories and analyses; feature articles; newsmaker profiles; opinion columns; movie, TV, music and theater reviews; box office reports; photographs and more.
HRI-JP identified a gene controlling the regeneration ability in rice for the first time in the world by genetic examination of a low regeneration rice variety, Koshihikari.
Center scientists have also developed a nutritionally enhanced variety of cassava, a root vegetable that is a dietary staple for hundreds of millions worldwide.