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"The allegation relates variously to Dr Kaushal's treatment, diagnosis, assessment, prescribing and record keeping.
In his recent exhibition, Chicago-based artist Ken Fandell set seven short, silent, single-shot videos to this modernist orchestral gem, variously adjusting and editing each one into evocative intersection with its seven sections.
Qualitative evaluation almost inevitably enters in, but it is variously handled.
Berson, CPA, CFO of Sidney Fetner Associates, New York, says you can produce variously colored gridlines (see screenshot below) within one worksheet by using the Format Cells command.
Since the 393-page text actually includes variously 10 pamphlets of stories, fiction, and history from 1932 through 1960 (and uncollected poetry dating back to 1921), small children in particular would enjoy such rich morsels.
In the pursuit of beauty, American women have variously plumped breasts with toilet-plunger-like suction devices (1890s), strapped themselves into fat-roller machines to press away the pounds (1910s), endured "electrode" shock treatment to zap away wrinkles (1920s), worn wire headsets to pull back cheek waddles (1960s), popped "youth" pills, and slathered on anti-cellulite lotions for generations.
Finkelstein, variously and affectionately called Jimmy or Jim, has an impressive publishing background, which began while he was a student at New York University working for his father, Jerry Finkelstein, publisher of the venerable New York Law Journal--founded in 1888--as well as a number of New York-area newspapers.
Inhalants are breathed in through the nose or mouth in a number of ways, variously called sniffing, snorting, huffing, or bagging.
Inhalants are breathed in through the more or mouth in a number of ways, variously called sniffing, snorting, huffing, or bagging.
This hook is known variously as a grappling hook, skyhook, and cliff-hanger.
Whoever he really was, Dionisio variously styled himself or was given such titles as "messenger of the Holy Spirit," "King of the Gauls," "horseman of the Apocalypse," and other epithets with messianic overtones.