variously called

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References in classic literature ?
As for his mother, she is variously called Metis, Cretheis, Themista, and Eugnetho.
Three names, at least, he had for the lady-god: "Villa," "Wife-Woman," "Missis Kennan," for so he heard her variously called. But he could not so call her.
Secondly there were those seeking a larger role for Calvinism in the English church, variously called Protestants, Presbyterians, and Puritans.
FXCM UK uses a back-to-back execution model, variously called "agency execution" or "No Dealing Desk" execution.
Variously called Susuki, Japanese Silver Grass and Eularia, the autumn performance of this ornamental grass is among the best and, as flowers and foliage can be left standing through the winter, it will be giving you pleasure until spring - dewy and frosty mornings in bright winter sunshine bring out the best in the grasses.
School of Medicine) features the prose, poetry, and blues lyrics of psychologists, writers, singers, and others on what has been variously called "...the inability to construct a future" (Rollo May) or "...a positive energy that gave strength and genius to great artists throughout Western civilization" (director, Musee Picasso).
Manaois has the right cultural credentials, although many who don't have Samoan ancestry also have struck a spark for the part-art, part-athletic activity variously called fire dancing, fire twirling, fire spinning, fire hooping, fire eating and fire poi.
He variously called himself a "Theist," "Deist," "Unitarian," "Rational Christian" and "Epicurean." He edited a copy of the New Testament with many important Christian elements eliminated.
"Look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were dug" suggests an alternative metaphor for being the descendants of the seed of Abraham and Sarah, progeny promised to be as numerous as the "stars of the sky." Remembering whose we are, whence we have come, and what we are called to be lies at the foundation of identity and vocation as the light-bearers of the good news of what is variously called God's "justice," "salvation," and "deliverance."
It is referred to as an American fruit, which of course it is, but it, or a very close relative, is common all over Britain particularly in the peaty uplands where it is variously called bilberry, whortleberry, blackberry and in Wales whinberry and llusi.
If someone who is now incompetent to make health care decisions has not left clear instructions in a legal document (variously called an "advance directive," "durable power of attorney for health care," "living will," or the like), then a surrogate decision-maker can legally decide to cut off the person's food and fluids.