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Paul Mishkin's famous work on the "variousness of 'federal law'" made the case that, in filling gaps in federal statutes, the federal common law work of federal courts need not be, and in fact should not be, completely "federal" in nature.
I will do so to illustrate how The Fixer, like iconic modernist texts such as Babel's in the hands of Trilling, foregrounds a "precise account of variousness, complexity, difficulty--and possibility" (vii) and that defines culture in such a way that it does "not submit to serve the ends of any one ideological group or tendency" (9).
The poem concludes with this vision Of burning personal shame, and of "the dark wind crossing/ The wide spaces between us." Its unpredictable sequence ends up in a very different place from its genial beginning and its variousness does justice to the multiple vision of our experience of others, to our ambivalence, self doubt and something that reenters in later books, the intricate humiliations of Jewish shame, reflexive and turning on itself.
It is generally accepted by non-liberals that preservation of traditional anti-rationalism (for example, society's desire for social protection) may be a condition for (and not the negation of) what Tom Naim refers to as reason, abstract thought and comparison: witness 'humanity's preposterous variousness' (2007, p.6)
Ellis aims to uncover (primarily for undergraduates) a Chaucer who is not 'boring' or 'irrelevant', and his assembled materials demonstrate not just Chaucer's variousness and complexity, but the ways in which the history of Chaucer scholarship and interpretation are serious critical topics in themselves.
(34) As Keith Thomas notes, astrology attempted to account for "all the vagaries of human existence," and "there was no other existing body of thought, religion apart, which even began to offer so all-embracing an explanation for the baffling variousness of human affairs." (35) While the attention to local variety was no more present in early modern astrology than in medieval astrology, the upsurge in almanacs in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries meant that this astrological view of the world was being more widely disseminated than ever before to an English reading public.
And so we should perhaps not be surprised at the variousness of talents contained in this amazing novel which demands more than one reading and considerable thought in order to be grasped.
Its variousness encompasses an international spectrum of foods and culinary styles.
This willingness to show how the stage and social history diverge as well as converge represents Neely at her best; throughout the book she insists on the complexity of the relationship between theatre and culture, refusing to subordinate the variousness of different plays to received critical narratives.
The categorical formulas he utters, his inability to think without recourse to the cliched language of "infidels" and "devils," his immurement in hatred and rejection, all indicate that for him the world has lost its reality, its variousness and texture.
It is hard not to read her book from cover-to-cover without coming away with a passionate sense of the injustice done to Woolf by her omission from the modernist pantheon of celebrated short fiction writers, as well as for the variousness and flexibility Woolf discovered in a genre which, perhaps paradoxically, made her hard to pin-down as an innovator of the art.
Rather than acknowledging that the autobiography elevated the individual in a way that might be thought problematic in America, this criticism has tended to deny that any individual is elevated--that the variousness of individual autobiographies presents a perfect community of inter-related experiences.