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Tenders are invited for providing and fixing of pneumatic pump boosting pump in varius govt residential building of type 7 and above in various sector under sub division no.2 chandigarh
Faisalabad conducted raids on varius industrial and commercial units over tax evasion.
He expressed these views on a visit of varius areas of Linea Area and attending to a ceremony held in the Dua Ground in UC-11.
Area and F.C Area and while inspctin ghe situation of varius areas.
Sauromalus varius, the San Esteban Chuckwalla, is a large, herbivorous lizard in the family Iguanidae (Etheridge, 1982; Grismer, 1994a; Grismer, 1994b) endemic to Isla San Esteban, Sonora, Mexico (Shaw, 1945).
He also indicated that such meetings are necessary for expertise swap in addition to examining varius legislative, legal and administrative issues.
Students of the college presented varius events inclusing tableaus, Hamd and Naat.
Present paper deals with only few bisaccate pollen viz Protohaploxipinus goraiensis, Protohaploxypinus varius, Protohaploxypinus limpidus, Protohaploxypinus amplus, Protohaploxypinus microcorpus, Striatopodocarpites raniganjensis, Striatopodocarpites cancellatus, Stroiatopodocarpites rarus, Striatopodocarpites pantii, Striatoabieites elongatus, Striatoabieites multistriatus, Striatoabieites striatus, Lunatisporites novialensis, Lunatisporites pellucidus, Guttulapollenites hannonicus and Hamiapollenites bullaeformis.
Used for printing 50-500 micron thick labels and laminates, Varius LX-TX features ghosting-free short inking units and achieves necessary format flexibility without complicated sleeves using imaged and interchangeable offset plates.
| FRIDAY brings the monthly get-together of the ladies who served in the RAF at varius stations both home and abroad.
From the Latin for pustules or pox, possibly derived from varus, for pimple, or varius, for speckled.