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Nevertheless, the b* value decreases significantly in both wood species subjected to application of PU and ST varnishes, and the total color change ([DELTA]E*) of varnished specimens is generally higher for samples heat-treated at 200 [degrees]C.
Watercolours should be shown behind glass to protect them but not varnished. Whereas oil paints present a sealed surface to varnish, varnish will bond to watercolours and to the paper.
Veneer samples taken from oak and Oriental beech were first varnished with celluloid, synthetic, polyurethane, and polyester varnishes, and then subjected to a treatment in sodium hydroxide, acetone, detergent, and acetic acid for 48 hr.
Lufthansa Technik has successfully introduced its "Environmentally friendly varnished veneer surfaces" (ULF) research and development project into the VIP completion market.
Each MC group was divided into three parts and varnished at one of the three top coat [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] content.
Simply coat the varnished gate in the Peelaway 7 paste and then cover it with the paper blanket that comes with the product, leave overnight and then peel away the blanket and all the varnish will have been absorbed into the paste, leaving the gate varnish free.