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The total color change/difference ([DELTA]E*) occurring on the varnished sample surfaces when compared to the non-varnished samples have been determined with the use of Equation 4.
Watercolours should be shown behind glass to protect them but not varnished.
Veneer samples taken from oak and Oriental beech were first varnished with celluloid, synthetic, polyurethane, and polyester varnishes, and then subjected to a treatment in sodium hydroxide, acetone, detergent, and acetic acid for 48 hr.
The next morning, they found tiny barefoot prints in the varnish, but the prints started in the middle of the floor and disappeared before reaching the end of the varnished area.
Each MC group was divided into three parts and varnished at one of the three top coat [Al.
There's nothing like a big scratch, spilled paint or water marks on a brand-new sanded and varnished floor.