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One of those services is the so-called toll telephone service (commonly referred to as long-distance service), the charges for which are levied on a call-by-call basis and which vary based on, according to the statute, "distance and elapsed transmission time.
Across provincial borders, prices vary in part because of different provincial tax rates on gasoline.
Screening emergency department patients for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can help identify undiagnosed infections, but because populations vary, screening programs have to be tailored to particular settings.
The courses vary in length from a few hours to several days and in intensity from casual to intensive.
The average direct care staffing ratios vary from 1:6 to 1:4, depending on the population you serve.
Fixed costs do not vary with clinical activity: capital expenditures for examining rooms and business office space, taxes, association dues, and administrative and business office staff.
7) The pattern of lag coefficients is permitted to vary with the level of recent short-term rates to reflect the dependence of the duration of coupon bonds, such as corporate bonds, on the interest rate.
As a result of higher frequencies and increased user mobility, researchers and systems designers are shifting their focus from time-invariant models to channels that vary within a block.
Tenders are invited for Providing social services social therapeutic workshops in the Karlovy Vary Region.
Since people can vary widely in how they react to a particular medication type or dosage, many doctors consider personalized treatment to be one of medicine's loftiest goals.
Deadline: 03-01-05; Number Awarded: 31-40 Must be admitted to NCSA; other requirements vary depending on scholarship