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Some are sharp and seemingly unmoving; others are varyingly fuzzy, broad, contested, and conditional.
Probation has been varyingly described as the 'jewel in the criminal justice crown' to the 'cement holding communities together' and as the 'building blocks of partnerships and innovation'.
As leaks go, it is clearly not as damaging as the Australian dossier on England's weaknesses that found its way into the public domain during the 2009 series in England, in which English players were varyingly described as "lazy", "shallow" and "flat" and a group who "love being comfortable".
After two duplicitous men lure him down to Washington and sell him in to slavery, he spends the next 12 years working on various plantations, for varyingly sadistic owners in which he is told: "You are no better than prized livestock.
In communities traversed by the country's main artery, road space intersects varyingly with the everyday life of dwellers, forming what Pandya (2002:811) calls a 'roadside lifestyle'.
And, secondly, as we have tried to show, science's new view of reality is the same as the pre-modern man's view of reality which underlies the Quran and, varyingly, the other religious texts, and which also reflects the underlying structure of premodern civilizations.
These varyingly credible anecdotes may add to the complexity and interest of the biography--but the fact remains that we will never be able to tell which (if any) are authentic and which entirely mythical.
As the artist's head varyingly appears upon the background image of the sky, bobbing in and out of frame as he tries to keep pace, the film echoes Lockhart's emphasis on the liminality of the frame's limits, inasmuch as the film's shape (a fixed camera aimed upwards and moving forward) asserts itself as the figure appears and disappears from the image's ground.
In psychoanalytic literature the analytic concepts of 'neutrality' and 'anonymity' are varyingly understood and seen as either interchangeable or distinctive terms.
So, with no further ado, along comes Si's take on the foodie challenge phenomenon: Food Glorious Food (ITV, Wednesday) with Carol Vorderman ditching sums for buns and other varyingly successful home-cooked treats on the quest to find "the UK's most glorious recipe.