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While hypertension has a clear link to vascular dementia, its role in Alzheimer's disease is less established.
While patients with ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke on CT scan of brain was labeled as vascular dementia.
Subcortical vascular dementia is an especially difficult form of the disease because it is affects the brain stem, which controls many of the primitive functions of our bodies.
Viewers of the ITV soap have watched Ashley come to terms with his young onset vascular dementia, and actor John said: "I have been really impressed with the work of Dementia Care.
DLB is considered to be one of the major types of dementia worldwide, alongside Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.
Over the past few years my husband has been in a downward spiral of vascular dementia and Parkinson's.
Vascular dementia is often caused by mini-strokes in blood vessels that supply oxygen to the brain.
Part of the reason it seems to be so widespread is that what people assume is Alzheimer's disease is actually a different disease: vascular dementia.
Neurologists and psychologists address how selected traditional cardiovascular risk factors, cardiovascular diseases and their treatments, stroke, and vascular dementia impact the brain and cognitive function.
Rita Patel's dad, Narendra Patel, was aged 52 when he was first treated for vascular dementia after suffering a stroke 20 years ago.
HEALTH researcher Emma Richards, who has been given funding to pursue an innovative study into vascular dementia, has a very personal reason for trying to defeat the cruel and very common condition.