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Surgery for dysphagia lusoria can be indicated to prevent progression of symptoms into adulthood8; options include division of the ligamentum arteriosum to loosen the vascular ring and re-implantation of the aberrant subclavian artery.
Unusual vascular ring anomaly associated with a persistent right aortic arch in two dogs.
The first description of a vascular ring (a double aortic arch) was by Hommel in 1737.
2) confirmed the presence of a vascular ring created by a double-sided aortic arch with compression of the trachea and oesophagus.
Retroesophageal aortic arch: diagnostic and therapeutic implications of a rare vascular ring.
For the assembly, each vascular ring was fixed by its endings with two silver wires and placed in an organ bath [Tissue Bath Station, BIOPAC[T.
This test can detect pyloric stenosis and other upper GI abnormalities, malrotation, hiatal hernia, vascular ring, and stricture.
The initial symptom of this disease is a soft, cheese-like rotting of the vascular ring.
As the infection progresses, the tissue round the vascular ring degrades and develops a colourless rot with a paste-like consistency.
The diagnosis of a vascular ring can be made on the basis of characteristic findings on barium esophagography.