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5] The histopathologic finding of this vasculitis is a distinctive feature of EED from other neutrophilic dermatoses.
TB granulomas can cause focal vasculitis of intracranial arteries resulting in brain infarction.
14) Both the ACR and EULAR criteria include acute abdominal pain, purpura, and microscopic evidence of vasculitis.
24],[25] Cell adhesion molecules are expressed in tunica intima as well as perivascular inflammatory cells, where they involve in the pathogenesis of cutaneous vasculitis.
The treatment of hypersensitivity vasculitis includes discontinuation of the offending drug, which leads to resolution of the signs and symptoms within days to a few weeks.
Conclusion: We hereby report a rare combination of organising pneumonia and pulmonary vasculitis in a patient with amyopathic dermatomyositis-interstitial lung disease.
This cohort is part of the Diagnostic and Classification Criteria in Vasculitis Study (DCVAS), which aims to develop classification and diagnostic criteria for primary systemic vasculitis.
Conclusion: IgA vasculitis is often accompanied by severe gastrointestinal symptoms.
The presence or absence of immune complex, either as granular deposits or as a linear coating of the basement membranes, is an important distinguisher in the classification system of small vessel vasculitis.
Why our patient progressed from isolated laryngeal involvement to severe full-blown vasculitis is unknown.