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I suspect, however, that the real story of Reconstruction is not about how free labor managed to subvert this budding proletarian alliance, but about how serfdom and vassalage, in their new Romantic forms, defeated free labor and free markets in the South.
The modern welfare state has been the mechanism by which governments--and their citizenries--are being reduced to vassalage under the new international order.
Here, the customary bedrock of the family institution does not favor women's freedom to instead update the social levers that keep women in a state of vassalage, neither cantankerous nor critical as her knee yield to the desires of her husband, favored by customary law, and if he is a Muslim, even the Holly Coran works to justify his power over women, hence:
109) Allodial property was defined as "free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation or vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal.
Vietnamese rulers accepted a place of vassalage within the Sinic imperial hierarchy.
Indeed, the trajectory of medieval Japanese history--marked by the rise of semi-autonomous local lords, a hereditary warrior elite living in castles, vassalage, and powerful religious institutions- more closely resembled that of medieval Western Europe than of contemporary China.
The constitution of the United States cannot, and does not contemplate that the inhabitants of the Territory shall be kept out of the Union and in a state of dependency and vassalage for an indefinite time.
46) gives a picture of Drury Lane: "There is near Covent Garden a street known by the name of Drury, which, before the days of Christianity, was purchased by the Queen of Paphos, and is the only part of Great Britain where the tenure of vassalage is still in being.
Hecht gives this scene, which portrays the hedonistic delight of dressing up in gorgeous costumes, an explicitly sexual, even orgasmic interpretation by evoking women in heat, odor of musk, hot indolence, languorous vassalage, hinted violations, swooning lubricities and submissive lust.
Instead, it has been suggested that we should interpret the play's repeated references to service, mastery, and binding in the context of medieval discourses of vassalage and lordship rather than the later institution of race-based slavery.
54) As feudal relations of suzerainty and vassalage eroded during the modern era, the Crown's military prerogatives became better defined.