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A chance bullet, coming nobody knows how or from whence, fired perchance by one that fled affrighted at the very flash of his villainous piece, may in a moment put a period to the vastest designs" J.
He tailored the message to have the vastest appeal, with returning and living in Africa as the ultimate reward, wherin the Black man could realize his idyllic self.
Qatar has the vastest natural gas field in the world and has become the largest global supplier of natural gas.
Max says, emphasizing that he identifies no more with our beloved, beleaguered PH, but with the nicest, serenest keeper of the vastest arsenal of WMDs in the world, good old USA.
Additionally, the distances between municipalities are great in Quebec, which is the vastest Canadian province.
With a surface of 677,000km, Myanmar is by far the vastest nation in Southeast Asia and shares borders with Bangladesh, India, China and Thailand.
By laying stress on both distances, the historical and the spatial, Poe places his writing in a deeply romantic setting, since it is well known that most romantics nourished a cult of vast distances, exotic remote places, remote in space as well as in time, with a view to creating a remoteness from matter per se, and so as to engage in an embrace of Spirit, the latter being the vastest of the realities intuited by man.
Russia, possessing the by far vastest arable acreage, is the third largest sales market: In Northern regions, the use of fertilizers is limited due to the cooler climate.
Along with the impact of the medication therapies on the cognition, educational progression and social skills [4] in supporting the vastest problems of people with ADHD can overcome the medication therapy issues.
Today, the world's vastest hoards go by the name of 'reserves', which makes them appear much more rational and sound (see, for example, Aizenman and Lee 2008).
Wen Yibo, Chairman of Sound Global, comments that Jiangsu Province is a major industrial province in China, and Yancheng City, known as the "Metropolis of Eastern Wetlands", is the biggest prefecture-level city with the vastest marine area in Jiangsu Province.
To suggest there is a filmic magical neoliberalism, then, is to interpret these cultural texts in their "history now conceived in its vastest sense of the sequence of modes of production and the succession and destiny of the various human social formations" (Jameson, 2002, p.