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Vastly more complex than traditional board games like chess and Go.
He said that 30 seconds had vastly altered his life.
The previous Government vastly expanded higher education provision and then vastly increased the salaries of the newly increased workforce.
They might have reached the semi-finals and, once there, they might even have beaten a not vastly superior Holland.
July 9 2010 -- A market analyst has today said he is confident the financial year 2011 will be a vastly improved year for Viterra.
Washington, June 30 (ANI): An electrochemical process for coating metal implants which vastly improves their functionality, longevity and integration into the body has been developed by a Tel Aviv University researcher.
If you've ever been asked what feminism means to you, I'm sure your explanation was vastly different from the one your mother would give.
Rafa Benitez will make changes to his starting line-up and it will be a chance for some of the sguad players to stake their claims, though the attitude some showed at Fratton Park must be vastly improved.
The menopause process was completely reversed in women who were in its early stages, while women who in the late stages of menopause reported vastly improved quality of life due to absence of accompanying symptoms.
Compared with the Ford plant, Edison Town Square reduces traffic and noise impacts, increases landscaped areas, improves the architectural aesthetics of the site and provides Edison with a premier asset--and is expected to generate vastly greater property tax revenues and provide more than 2000 new jobs.
An introduction, comments on the translation, very brief biographical sketches of the rabbis quoted, a glossary, and a suggested reading list round out this modernized compilation of pithy sayings that vastly transcend their era.