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He said:"Access for all to the cottage from the Lockerbie Road lochside car park has now been vastly improved thanks to Robison Construction of Dumfries doing the access works and Armstrong Waste Management Ltd ,which donated Scottish LandfillTax Funds to SWEAT (Dumfries) for the grant funding."
Labour grassroots group Momentum said about 15,000 turned up to oppose Mr Robinson's march, claiming opponents "vastly" outnumbered the Ukip-led demonstrators nearly five to one.
Vastly more complex than traditional board games like chess and Go.
He said that 30 seconds had vastly altered his life.
BOXING MUHAMMAD ALI's condition has "vastly improved" since he was admitted to hospital on Saturday with a mild case of pneumonia, it was announced yesterday.
Oracle says while encryption is vastly acknowledged as the gold standard to protect data privacy, encryption is just as robust as its key management, and crucial credential files like Oracle wallet files, Java KeyStores, Secure Shell (SSH) key files, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate files are often vastly distributed across servers and server clusters using error-prone synchronization and backup mechanisms.
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The Spaghetti Toll Road in particular is overpriced, vastly under used and losing money every year.
Texans on all sides of the budget equation rallied at the Capitol Wednesday for vastly different priorities.
The previous Government vastly expanded higher education provision and then vastly increased the salaries of the newly increased workforce.
They might have reached the semi-finals and, once there, they might even have beaten a not vastly superior Holland.