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It was well advertised, but it hardly needed it: the bold originality, the extraordinary character, the seductive nature, and the vastness of the enterprise provoked comment everywhere and advertised it in every household in the land.
Not even an echo replied, and his voice died out in the empty vastness of surrounding space, like a pebble cast into a bottomless gulf; then, down he sank, fainting, on the sand, alone, amid the eternal silence of the desert.
But he persuaded her into a broken statement, beautiful to him, charged with extreme excitement as she spoke of the dark red fire, and the smoke twined round it, making him feel that he had stepped over the threshold into the faintly lit vastness of another mind, stirring with shapes, so large, so dim, unveiling themselves only in flashes, and moving away again into the darkness, engulfed by it.
He raises physical nature to the level of human thought, giving it thereby a mystic power and expression; he subdues man to the level of nature, but gives him therewith a certain breadth and vastness and solemnity.
Four had perished by mischance in the bleak, uncharted vastness.
He was appalled by the vastness of the beauty that rightfully belonged in it, and again his mind flashed and dared, and he demanded of himself why he could not chant that beauty in noble verse as the great poets did.
Mr Autlwetse requested the residents to begin preparation for the President's visit to their constituency, but cautioned that due to the vastness of the constituency, he will only address them at Paje as he could not attend to every village.
Yet this is the information that offers a sense of the vastness of space surrounding us.
Almost all of us who can see have undoubtedly gazed up at sky in the night at some point in our lives and have been amazed at the vastness and beauty of the galaxy before us.
The minimal images--which play with light, shadow, sky, and sea--when viewed collectively offer a strikingly subtle look at the world in all its vastness and variety.
Regarding the awareness about the vastness of syllabus, response is almost same.
Considering the geographic vastness of the kingdom, every regions has its own characteristics.