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Griffiths's hypothesis that the prophesied Cynan was not originally associated with Brittany but was Cynan, son of Clydno Eiddyn, whom she regards as the only survivor of the northern British battle of Gododdin, for which see Griffiths, Early Vaticination, 110-118.
Over half a century ago Karoly Czegledy published a seminal study on the apocalyptic vaticination of the Sasanid hero-general-turned-rebel Bahram Obin (r.
The best legal defense is here a strong (and certainly offensive) offense, employing vaticination as rhetorical power.
Lunenburg Public Library, a winner of the first-place trophy in 2006, made it to the semifinal round this year, stumbling on the word vaticination - an act of prophesying.
Moreover, his "ideas" and closing vaticination are mere fantasies because he lacks his author's recognition of the tragic possibility that "We talk with indignation or enthusiasm; we talk about oppression, cruelty, crime, devotion, self-sacrifice, virtue, and we know nothing real beyond the words" ("Outpost of Progress," Tales of Unrest, 105).