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As one of only three vaulters to meet the qualification height Charley is in a great position.
Bubka, who won an Olympic gold in 1988 in Seoul, broke the world record 35 times (17 in outdoor and 18 in indoor meets) and was the first pole vaulter to clear 6.
HEART-STOPPING: Eryri Vaulters with their equine acrobatics
Ashcroft will coach the pole vaulters, high jumpers and the multi events at Cal Poly.
POLE vaulter Max Eaves shows what it's like to reach the dizzy heights of worldclass athletics and give shoppers a taste of what to expect from the sport this summer.
2hh 11-year-old grey gelding by Java Tiger, through his paces on the lunge, while young vaulters displayed a variety gymnastic movements.
Before the introduction of fiberglass poles in the 1960s, vaulters used bamboo and metal poles.
A filthy naked man wriggled from beneath it, and through the gap, while the vaulters handed down sacks of sand to him from inside the horse.
I felt I had to put all my efforts into my vaulting," explained Simpson who had combined his training sessions with coaching a group of women vaulters including his long-time partner Louise Butterworth, herself a GB international.
TWELVE riders and two teams of equestrian vaulters from North Wales covered themselves in glory at the Riding for the Disabled National Championships at Hartpury, Gloucestershire.
They hope spectators will be left awestruck by the harmony of the vaulters and the horse as impressive and demanding gymnastic moves are gracefully executed on horseback.