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The Pommel Horse for men: a vaulting horse with two upwardly-pointing handles which the male gymnast grips while swinging his entire body through the air.
The ingenious idea was to greatly shorten the tunnel by placing its mouth near the fence under the cover of a vaulting horse brought out by a group of gymnasts every afternoon.
Boys look on with awe as pals fire over a makeshift vaulting horse using an old armchair for take off and a discarded mattress for landing.
The one who always landed on the near end of the vaulting horse with a groin-shattering crunch and who somehow endured eight years of swimming classes without ever learning to swim a stroke.
Now Tom Wilson must remember him, as Bill was one of the of- ficers who lifted the vaulting horse daily into the compound.
You've heard of the Trojan Horse, well this excellent film follows British PoWs in a German camp as they try to escape their captors by using a gymnasium vaulting horse to cover their tunneling activities.
Smee's big scene is a riotous routine with The Nitwits, a comedy acrobatic troupe who make 'badly done' gymnastics seem as simple as, well, falling off a vaulting horse.
It was amazing because at first he used to run up to the vaulting horse with his knees knocking together and head down.