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The American Dream, warns Jeremy Rifkin, is on the ropes, thanks to "depleting resources, increased pollution, rising costs of production, spiraling inflation, low return on investments, escalating capital shortfalls and limits to technology." Our vaunted productivity has "bottomed out."
Not good enough to make our vaunted claim to real national sovereignty credible.
And the intercontinental ballistic missiles of the Soviet Union kept the United States in a bull's-eye for forty years, notwithstanding our vaunted seas.
Few surprises, but it is a good thing to have questions about our much vaunted "unity in diversity and diversity in unity" position laid bare for us.
Remember that vaunted 10-year, $5.6 trillion surplus we were looking forward to in 2000?
Following a lead provided by Gasparo Contarini in his treatise De magistrati bus et republica Venetorum, historians have attributed Venice's much vaunted political and social stability at least in part to the honors and rewards offered to this subaltern bureaucratic elite.
Despite the booming economy of the 1990s and a vaunted urban comeback in many places, the once-bustling manufacturing centers across the Rust Belt are losing residents.
In the past decade, the data density for magnetic hard disk drives has increased at a phenomenal pace: doubling every 18 months and, since 1997, doubling every year, which is much faster than the vaunted Moore's Law for integrated circuits.
From a transportation perspective, every Required Delivery Date must be met to ensure the division has every advantage in its training against the center's vaunted Opposition Force.
And the vaunted corporate campus appears to be such a place at the moment.
What is less evident is the role that the vaunted nonprofit sector plays in sustaining these inequities.
In addition, the much vaunted energy efficiency of the early WinChip design had been lost in later versions.