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I" also echoes Lucius's recently delivered "I am no vaunter, I." With these tines, both men are claiming not to need words to attest to their deeds.
Once again, when they found that the ruling president will never budge or deviate from his main aim, they forced themselves to support him; and the braggarts, egoists and the vaunters are now crowing, bragging and boasting about the triumph of the 19th amendment - they now want to place their hand on the flagpole and say - " Aha!
Derbas said "we have to be mindful of the religious vaunters who claim to be theologians when they do not even understand the Arabic language and cannot even articulate it right." "The bells of the Church have been tolling ever since the Christian religion emerged; the Caliphate heard them (...) and never once he has ordered their destruction because the Islam religion is a religion of forgiveness and coexistence," he exclaimed.