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Alborov narrowly beat Georgi Keteov of Veer Marathas 3-1 to give the Sultans a slight edge.
Caption: VeeR Editor allows user to easily edit and share 360-degree video on their mobile phones
As they picked up speed, Om Veer grabbed the front door and hung on.
Previously, Van der Veer served as the chief executive officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc (Shell) from 2004 until his retirement in 2009, a non-executive director of its board until 2013 as well as worked within all sectors of the business since joining the company in 1971.
Provided that the proposed nomination will be adopted by the 2016 General Meeting, as of 1 January 2017 TomTom's supervisory board will consist of Peter Wakkie, as chairman and Doug Dunn, as deputy chairman, along with van der Veer, Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker, Anita Elberse and de Kreij.
The recent survey is the latest effort by Veer marketers to gauge women's feelings about grooming.
While conceding that wind and solar are even cleaner sources of energy, van der Veer points out that these alternative energies are not yet cost effective, and still require high levels of subsidies.
Van der Veer felt that natural gas has been undervalued as a source of energy.
We are very pleased to announce that Veer, who had joined Kalaam, as its chief financial officer in June 2009 will be assuming the larger role of managing the day to day operations of the company," said Nezar Mohammed Al Saie, chairman of Kalaam Telecom.
Customers can now conveniently purchase all images, fonts and merchandise either one at time with a credit card or with Veer Credits.
With a long, drawn battle ahead, the Pindaris turn to their strongest and bravest comrade, Veer.
Van der Veer, 1996, 2007b; Van der Veer & Valsiner, 1994), discusses the man's life, his writings, and his influence on contemporary educational research.