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Andreas said the pickup vehicle was towing a trailer at the time it veered off the road to the right lane, hitting a bridge with force and overturned.
It slid off the runway during landing and veered off towards its right wing.' All the passengers were evacuated from the aircraft by the airport staff immediately, he added.
"At around 6.30am, the lorry attached to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit camp at Nemesis on the Bomet, Kisii, Narok county border, veered off the road and landed in a ditch," said a senior officer at Chebunyo Police Station.
Reports said a car, which was apparently speeding, veered off course and went onto the pavement, hitting the tourist.
That same month of October, a Mombasa Raha bus with 45 people on board veered off the road and skid into a thicket at Witu area.No one was injured.
The QCPD said the bus he was riding veered to the right and collided with the rear left corner of the other bus, causing the victim to lose his right arm.
The incident occurred when the plane was touching down the runway and it got veered off the landing belt.
Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Mar 17 ( ANI ): A SpiceJet aircraft SG 1238, arriving from Hyderabad, veered off the runway at Bengaluru Airport on Friday.
A detailed collision and investigation report by PC Rob Turner was read to the court which said evidence did not establish why Mr Conden veered off the carriageway that day.
It is thought the plane veered down a banking, through a wall and came to rest in a field.
The deceased, identified as G.A.R., lost control over the vehicle, which suddenly veered off the road and crashed into the lamppost.
Likewise, if the ATIS says the surface winds are out of the south at 1800Z and then an hour later they're out of the west, we can say the wind veered with time during the last hour.