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POLE. A measure of length, equal to five yards and a half. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The cytoplasmic material of the mature oocytes is asymmetrically distributed; large lipid droplets and large yolk spheres occupy the vegetal pole of the oocyte while smaller yolk spheres are situated in the animal hemisphere.
Paracentrotus lividus eggs contain different RNAs at the animal and vegetal poles. Biochem.
For MT1, the PL protruded from vegetal pole. For the second cleavage, the PL extruded from the large blastomere (data not shown).
1B) and gradually expanded as the red-pigmented cytoplasm became segregated to the vegetal pole (Fig.
In another set of experiments, smaller ME fragments composed of 10%-30% of the total egg volume were produced from the vegetal pole region of fertilized eggs at the first stage of segregation, and these fragments could sometimes undergo several rounds of cleavage before cell division stopped.
At least three mechanisms could achieve spatial regulation of the VEB genes: (1) the presence of a vegetal negative regulator sufficient to prevent expression; (2) exclusion of the majority of positive regulators from vegetal pole cytoplasm; and (3) repression of the VEB genes in vegetal cells by means of a unique chromatin structure.
The first cell division generates two equally sized blastomeres, but the second division in both cells is unequal, producing a four-cell stage in which the two larger cells meet at the vegetal pole (vegetal cross-furrow).
The follicle anterior pole can be thought of as the vegetal pole of the Periplaneta oocyte; this is because the embryonic germ band will develop at the posterior pole.
Ooplasmic segregation in the medaka egg consists of the approximately simultaneous streaming of ooplasm toward the animal pole, the saltatory movement of parcels toward the animal pole and vegetal pole, and the movement of oil droplets toward the vegetal pole (Abraham et al., 1993a; Webb and Fluck, 1993).
Ooplasmic segregation in this egg consists of the bulk flow of ooplasm toward the animal pole of the egg, the movement of oil droplets toward the vegetal pole, and the saltatory movement of small ooplasmic inclusions toward the animal and vegetal poles of the egg (Iwamatsu, 1973; Abraham et al., 1993a), all of which take place more or less simultaneously.