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"I still had eighty thousand francs in my possession, and at first I meant to live a remote and solitary life, to vegetate in some country district for the rest of my days; but misanthropy is no Catholic virtue, and there is a certain vanity lurking beneath the hedgehog's skin of the misanthrope.
Terrapure has been working with Vale since 2012 on a program to apply municipally treated bio-solids to reclaim and vegetate the mining company's Central Tailings area.
As pensioners, told to get exercise, not and Mike & Beryl Cardiff As pensioners, we are told to get out and exercise, not to sit at home and vegetate.
Why is he allowing a once great airport to vegetate? Please, Mr Gill, give the public of Teesside some answers (forget your blueprint).
"If I were to stop driving now," he says, "I'd vegetate in my own home and wouldn't be able to get out."